Coffee dripper

Coffee dripper


Coffee brewing is simple - all you need is this dripper, a paper filter and expe ground coffee.

Crystal-glass-like, BPA free, food-grade plastic
Stain and heat resistant
2 - 4 cups
Any size 02 V60 filter
13.6 cm x 9.8 cm

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A durable and well made dripper to elevate your coffee extraction

This well designed dripper has a unique groove structure that makes the water run through smoothly and makes it easier and more consistent for you to get a cup of evenly extracted coffee.

Its unique feature is the inner wall designed into three parts:
1. the smooth upper part, so the filter sticks to the dripper and the water cannot get through
2. the middle one with a lot of grooves ensuring proper water distribution
3. and the lower part with less grooves to encourage the water flow and thus reducing the chance of over extracting

Size 02 is perfect for preparing coffee for one or more people. The plastic design makes it durable and proper also as a travel brewer, as well as maintains temperature well while brewing.

Compact, travel-friendly, with dimensions allowing you to put it on most mugs or servers.

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